New Homes for Bilbrook | New Homes for Penkridge
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Welcome to our website

We have ambitious plans to create new homes in Bilbrook.


We want your views to shape our plans. Please take a moment to take a tour of our proposals to find out more about our scheme and provide your feedback.

Find out more about Bloor Homes by visiting our main website

Bloor Homes, a long established privately owned house builder, is preparing a planning application for new homes on land south of Pendeford Mill Lane, Bilbrook. Bloor Homes began building houses over 45 years ago and is one of the largest privately-owned housing groups in the UK. Each year, Bloor Homes builds a range of homes for those looking to downsize, move up the property ladder or buy for the very first time. Click here to read more about Bloor Homes on their website.

The Masterplan

We are seeking to bring forward proposals for a residential development on a site that is proposed for allocation for housing within the District Council’s development plan. In total the site would deliver 163 new homes for Bilbrook, 40% of these will be affordable homes helping first time buyers and young families fulfil their housing aspirations. Our vision is to provide new homes alongside extensive landscaping and public open spaces to create an attractive setting that complements the local surroundings of Bilbrook.


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The Proposal

Our proposals include:

163 high quality homes in a range of sizes

40% of which will be affordable homes for people who are unable to purchase housing on the open market

Many of the homes will be smaller properties helping first time buyers and young families fulfil their housing aspirations

12 bungalows are proposed to help address the needs of an ageing population

Extensive landscaping, new public open space and a new play area to ensure an attractive setting for the new homes

The proposals include the creation of a drainage basin to manage surface water run-off from the development which will also add ecological benefits

An increased local spend from new residents, delivering an economic boost to shops and businesses in Bilbrook and the surrounding areas

New local jobs during the construction period and the creation of further indirect jobs

Training opportunities for young people through Bloor Homes’ apprenticeship scheme and those of its contractors

The attraction of significant funding through the Government’s New Homes Bonus scheme to be spent in the local area

An increase in Council tax receipts

Traffic Access

The planning application will be accompanied by a comprehensive Transport Assessment which will be completed for the scheme to assess the likely impact the proposals will have on the local road network. The Transport Assessment considers the existing traffic flows along the local highway network, the anticipated levels of traffic generated by the plans and any measures which will be needed to ensure that the development does not have an unacceptable impact on the local highway network.

Environmental Impacts

We strive to mitigate the environmental impact on the surrounding area by enhancement of local facilities. In addition, we aim to enhance the natural environment and safeguard the habitat of local wildlife.

When would this happen

A planning application is expected to be submitted in June after all comments have been reviewed. If our application is approved, Bloor Homes would expect construction to start in spring 2019 and be completed by autumn 2022.

Your Feedback

We are at the initial stages of the planning process and are seeking the views of residents on our proposals. The feedback received from our discussions with local people will be considered ahead of submitting a planning application. All comments received during the consultation are important, so please take the opportunity to make your views known about the plans and help contribute to the development of the plans by clicking here on the button below.